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March 20, 2013

finally! the exams are over! :D

here's how my week went :D

09/03 CHEM (1)
11/03 MATH (1)
12/03 PHY (1)

both of these exams were quite easy :D i just had to do a bit of chemistry revision and i was set ^^ the math paper was okay...i think O.O whenever i have a good feeling about my math exam papers, it usually backfires on me and i get super low marks -,-

sleep is essential for good health, good skin and working brain :D

13.03 ADD MATH (1)


i did a lot of revision but i think i didn't get even HALF of the total marks that the paper had -,-

14/03 BIO (1)
14/03 BIO (2)

lol one of the most relaxed days *3* i dunno why, but i was more focused on the epop magazine that came XD *its a kpop magazine that's released weekly, every thursday* i was like:

*before the exam*
others: neurones...insulin...stuff...
me: HOMG A BAP POSTER! *turns it* OMG ITS B1A4! @.@

*during exam*
others: *concentrating and doing it quietly*

XD i dunno why, but during exams, i usually have a tune that i'm singing in my head :D do you guys do that too?

15/03 ADD MATH (2)

== do i even have to say anything? of course it was frickin hard! ==

16/03 PHY (2)

hmm...it was okay. i did a lot of past year papers and got to answer most of the questions. in the last part of the paper though, we were supposed to answer two questions out of the three. being the careless guy that i was, i totally forgot and ignored the instructions and did everything -,- ish. i might get penalized.

after school, my family and i decided to go to our new house and clean up a bit :D its still quite messy and there's still a lot of stuff to do @.@ 


my mum hung the curtains that my grandma and her  made :D


i'm gonna miss my old house *current house at the moment*

18/03 CHEM (2)
18/03 CP

chemistry was a breeze :D not so much for computer :O we had chemistry tuition on that day, but Naomi and i decided to skip.

19/03 BM (1) & (2)
19/03 MATH (2)

its been quite some time since i've last been to the library :D Sammi and i spent out time there while the others had their BM tests. *we took selcas*

math was okay :O i hope i pass at least one math paper. sigh.

20/03 ENG (1) & (2)

i didn't really have to study for these papers :O what's there to study? i finished paper 1 just in time and paper 2 with almost an hour to spare.

21/03 CHI (1) & (2)

tomorrow they'll be having their chinese exams :D i miss taking basic chinese :O

whe i got home today, i was actually quite pissed about what someone told me, but after ranting about it on twitter, i felt better :O i originally planned on making macarons, but since my mum already moved the ingredients and the mixer to the other house, i couldn't T^T i made ddeokbokki instead! ^^

i searched on how to make it, but my mum improvised a bit :D

  • 750g ddeok (rice cakes; log-shaped and white in colour)
  • 5 tbsp gochujang (fermented chilli paste)
  • 150g odeng (Korean fish cakes, very thin about 2mm)
  • 2 tbsp sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp canola oil/vegetable oil
  • 1 onion
  • 1-2 garlic cloves
  • 2 med carrots
  • 2 shallots
  • 3.5 cup chicken stock (about 600ml water with chicken stock powder will do too)
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • some sesame seeds for garnish

you can find out how to make it by clicking on this link here :D

my mum added glass noodle *dangmyeon, usually used in bulgogi* and since we already had the sauce, we didn't use the fermented chilli paste*

i also made some kimbap :D

imma be bringing some for my friends tomorrow in school ^^
other than that, my week has been quite normal :O i usually get breakouts but this time i got an ulcer! == an infection! two day after the first time i saw it, it was still there so i did some research, leading me to believe that i had herpes simplex virus -,- whattafak. *i asked my mum later and she said it was just a normal infection XD*

another thing that might've contributed to me NOT having that much pimple outbreaks is this new face soap that i've been using :D

its the SebaMed Cleansing Bar! :D its pH 5.5 and it's worked really great on my skin. its supposed to be *soapless soap* -,- it says so on the box. anyway, its AWESOME. i can already see a difference. i'm curious if it'll be able to get rid of my acne scars. anyway, its a really great product and i recommend it to anyone who wants to minimize hormonal breakouts :D
*its also very hard to make a lather on your hands, so i apply it directly onto my face.*

i've been organizing my messy files too. red for physics, purple for chemistry and yellow for biology ^^

its amazing how kpop has spread everywhere! there are more and more western people singing kpop songs and they sound awesome! :D

one of my favourite is ucanshine89 :D

go check out her other vocal covers :D

another great cover that i came across recently is this by max and kurt schneider :D TOUCHING!

and there's this awesome video that Naomi showed me! XD ms Annie forced me to take part in this year's speech competition, i'm considering on changing this a bit and doing this piece :D

i watched this yesterday too :D taeminahh T^T nae maeum! XD

my bro's gonna be going to the F1 Malaysia 2013 thing in KL~ SNSD went last year. this year, 2NE1, UKISS, Demi Lovato and a lot more will be attending! jealous! T^T

EXO COMEBACK IS COMING SOON. i can taste it coming.

anyway, bye! ^^ hope you enjoyed reading this post! ^^

now listening to:
Get Up - EvoL

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