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January 28, 2013

hello my awesome readers! :D 

i think that's the first time i've started a post like that XD i was originally gonna have on post for each day, but i decided to edit all my posts and add them together :) so here's how my three days went :) 

*ps there are very little pictures ><*



i was up till 2am watching videos. so it goes without saying that i woke up late and super tired that morning. i usually wake up at 6am and take a bath for half an hour, but i woke up at 6.20 O.O so i had to rush quite a bit. i skipped breakfast :O 

my eyes were still droopy when i got into the car and ended up falling asleep. when i got to my class, we still had about 40 minutes till class started, so i spent it chatting with Caryn. i actually planned on finishing my math homework, but i was just too tired. my dark circles T.T in my haste to get ready for school in the morning, i didn't have time to apply eye serum. 

my eyes were really HEAVY. we had 2 periods of PE. at first, i was really looking forward to it because i take every chance i get to exercise. i realized today how weak and sickly i really am :( we ran a lot and i felt nauseous afterwards. BOTH MY LEGS CRAMPED, can you believe that? after the pain in my legs had subsided, i joined some of my friends who wanted to play volleyball. i felt even more nauseous and ended up vomiting. *when everyone wasn't looking of course* 

when i got that out of my system, i felt loads better :D i was still a tad dizzy, but other than that i was fine ^^ i ate the Nasi Lemak that Naomi bought and i swear, i DEVOURED it XD i still wanted more! sadly, there wasn't any more :( i asked her to buy some for me again next week :) *kamsahamnida noona! ^^* 

the rest of my day just dragged on. i ate some fried noodles that i got for free in school as my lunch in my car. i drowsed off as my parents went house hunting and i got home at 2.30. i was really quite tired, so i jusy changed and went straight to my bed. i couldn't sleep though. i just watched some videos and i realized that since its gonna be a long weekend, why not start it by pampering myself? :D so i took a long bath with a full body scrub. i even put on a facial pack :) 

after everything i had some corn as my afternoon snack :) i always spread butter/magarine and sprinkle some salt ^^ that't how i like my corn. my legs hurt again by the way :( 

i was bored so decided to write this post :) i like typing my posts while listening to some music. what i was listening to while typing this was: 

All the Same 
One Spring Day 
Rainbow Ride (Prelude) 
My Love 

all by Urban Zakapa :D i'm also listening to SJ KRY's Promise You, Eric Nam's Heaven's Door and INFINITE H's Special Girl. basically, i was listening to pretty music x) 

i wanna try making macarons! 

*also, if you haven't noticed, i've change the songs on my blog's playlist :D instead of putting tons of songs, i'll just be putting the songs that i'm currently hooked on :)*


i've recently been very into playing games on my tab XD i love RESTAURANT STORY and BAKERY STORY. as usual, i got up at 11 and did my usual routine *facebook--> instagram--> twitter--> tumblr*. 

we went to Aeon for some shopping! ^^ i got to buy some stationery and new earphones. something embarrasing happened while i was waiting for my siblings to finish shopping!

there was this crowd of people walking who passed by me. i was actually looking at some hair dye but the girl walking at the end of that crowd looked familiar. i was still thinking who she was when the girls stared at me. my mum then nudged me and asked "do you know them?" and i broke the eye contact with that girl and looked around and saw that the WHOLR CROWD that passed by me stopped and all of them were staring at me!! i stared at all of them and realized that they were leos from Sam Tet >< OMG HOW EMBARASSING! all of them were staring at me and i had that derpy expression while staring into hair dye @.@ i said hi and they said hi, and after that they went on their way ><"  

on our way back, we saw some Thaipusam parades! OMG they were quite...spooky @.@ 

at home, we got to watch the first episode of GLEE SEASON 4! ^^ the premier here in asia was supposed to start on Tuesday, but i dunno why its was on early :| we enjoyed it anyway! ^^ when Rachel sang that song in the circle room...BREATHTAKING. i want a friendship like Rachel and Kurt :) i actually missed the last few episodes of season 3, so i don't know what happened to Santana, Puck and Mercedes. i know Quinn went to Yale and Finn went to the army but... O.O 

i'm looking forward to the new characters too :D

i sang a lot till my throat hurt before going to bed XD i was in a glee mode. i watched some videos by my favourite youtube guru, Bubzbeauty aka Lindy and she really is my hero. her advice is awesome. 


as soon as i woke up today, my mum was screaming downstairs for us to wake up -,- and while i was on instagram, i was forced to iron some shirts that i left lying around o.o WHY.

i couldn't go to tuition because no one would fetch me :( i'm so gonna miss a lot. SIGH.

what am i doing with my life.

Boa's new song Disturbance came out today :D it has Taemin in it and OMG he is so damn handsome! they make a...err...wonderful couple? XD i don't really like old women + young guy pairings, but hey, they look good x)

i also just discovered that UKISS released a new MV a few weeks ago. OMG they're just six in this video. T^T

gotta love that dance break though :D

chinese new year is also coming soon! :D after this week, we'll be having a week long holiday. more time to waste? i hope not. i really need to focus! T^T but...

i wonder where i'll be this time next year.

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