I GOT A BOY + GENIE unboxing!

January 18, 2013

OMGOMGOMG i'm so happy! ^^ 

i originally wanted to buy B1A4's album too, but it was out of stock.

last night my parents went grocery shopping and i went with.  my siblings and i bought some stationery and i though, why not buy them now?

i couldn't sleep XD

so here they are :D please forgive me, the photos aren't that good. DSLR is currently...low batt -,- so i had to use something else.

i'll be doing IGAB first :)

the front

the back

the top and sides

i got the group version of the album for RM99 with the poster at Speedy, a music store here in Malaysia. its list price is RM90 and on YesAsia.com its only RM61. i forgot that YesAsia has discounts and went to Speedy expecting it to me RM60+ -,- so when i went there i got a shock when i saw that RM99 sticker! but i still bought it :P

the packaging is different from all the other albums. you have to slide it to open it. i like it better than The Boys' metal case cos i'm not going to have to worry about it rusting, but its mainly made of a cardboard+styrofoam like material, so yeah~ the sliding cover is made of a very hard plastic, and i love it :D 

the photobook is actually the cover of the album, so when you remove it, it'll look something like this:

this is what it looks inside. it has that flyer that's kinda...useless :|
i have one in my other albums too XD

i suddenly thought of compiling all their past logos and posting them on tumblr :D
 there are TEN versions of this album, and each album has a different cover, hence, different photobooks. i bought the group one because i wanted to have all of them in it @.@ if you buy a member's version, the photobook will only have that particular member's photos. i watched some unboxing videos and the other photobooks are GORGEOUS. i want them all! T^T

the CD itself is a bit...under-protected i think :| it only has this piece of plastic the same size as the CD on top of it. its a cool idea, but...O.O

i love the graffiti on the case and on the photobook :D

the poster was smaller than what i expected too. but i LOVE it :D

ugh these photos suck :(

GENIE time :D

i got it for RM39 WITHOUT the poster. i knew this was gonna happen since i bought it like, almost 3 years after its released but i was still hoping T^T

there's this ugly sticker that i can't remove ==

the inside
 the disc kinda reminded me of Mr Taxi because it kinda has that spy-feel to it :D

this album's not one of the first badges since the airplane is different. seriously, i wouldn't mind having the first edition.

the photobook is attached to the album so i take it off T^T i found the logo for this album though :D

one thing i didn't really like about the albums is that THERE ARE NO PHOTO CARDS. i can't find IGAB, and WHY NO CARD FOR GENIE. shit. if i didn't buy IGAB i would've cried. but i still feel sad :(

i bought a tube for my posters but it turns out that i have too much @.@ and the posters from The Boys are enormous. *i forgot ><
the tallest one is SNSD's The Boys poster *the group one* and SJ's Mr. Simple poster.

so now i have EIGHT albums.

*you can't see Mr. Simple here*

i am so poor T^T i need all of them!

i'm waiting for EXO's comeback and imma buy both MAMA versions and the new album's versions ^^ it turns out that MAMA costs RM60 each.


i thought it was RM60 for BOTH! /.\ and the new ones might be the same price. *GOD GOD GOD PLEASE DON'T LET THEM BE MORE EXPENSIVE*

and i have SNSD's Oh!  and B1A4's In The Wind to look for.


the life of a kpop addict is not easy.
and it ain't wallet friendly either :P

anyways, if you read this post till this part then thanks a lot! ^^ i appreciate you reading this post :D now its back to the real world.


Jaejoong's song came out today.


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