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January 3, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! ^^ i hope everone starts 2013 happy and with your loved ones :) i spent mine counting down with my family at home x) i don't know if this goes for just my family or for all Filipinos as well, but here are some superstitions we...err...believe in? o_o

When 12am comes:
1. Jump so that your height will increase
2. Jump with coins/money in your pocket so that money will come your way
3. We eat 12 grapes each *i dunno why*
4. Some of the things you do on New Years day will be some of the things you do for the rest of the year XD *by smallest brother farted and we kept on teasing him that he'll be farting for the whole year XD*

here are my 2013 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!

★ learn how to rap. *because of SNSD's IGAB and Nicki Minaj's Va Va Voom x)*
★ do my best in CIE or die trying.
★ be more patient.
★ slow down and enjoy every moment of the next 365 days.
★ make a friend every month. smile more :)
★ stop yourself from buying too much stuff. everytime you see something, ask yourself "DO I NEED THIS?"
★ diet. exercise. keep fit.
★ improve my mandarin, but brush up on your english. you talk in mandarin too much.
★ sleep earlier. sleeping is free!
★ smile!
★ do a lot of revision.
★ be more optimistic. positive thinking can change everything!

anyhoooo, school reopened yesterday so today's the second day. its nice to be back in school. we had 4 PERIODS OF MATH yesterday and 2 PERIODS OF MATH today /.\ its like the school knows i suck at Math and gave me a lot of work to do as soon as i got back o.o well, even though i've forgotten most of the stuff, i'm determined to do my best this year!

tonight's post's title is Tiffany's line from I Got a Boy ^^ i love that song! but other than the chorus, i can't sing to most of the other parts 'cause they're rapping /.\

the reason i chose it is because CIE is coming in less than 5 months! @.@ our Math/Add Math teacher suggestd we put a countdown in our class and that if we couldn't get A for both Math and Add Math, we better change our mindset and aim for A because all of us CAN get As /.\ you have no idea how much i felt that he was talking to me! XD but seriously, my aims for CIE were 4As and 2Bs *at least*. I had totally given up on MD + AM. But he kept on saying that we could all do it...he even brought last year's paper and will give us a copy each next week. He said that if wes studied hard enough, for our standard, we would surely get A or an A star.


i gotta start doing a lot of revisions. No more playing around. No more outings. Cut back on reading ff. Go on a diet. *Ok, that last one isn't really related to CIE preparation but still*. I'm sitting alone in class right now 'cause Naomi went to sit with Jieying in front of me. But its okay, i can focus on my stuff and when i need to ask something about Math, i can ask the both of them or ask Caryn, Teresa and Chai who're sitting nearby. I can talk to Yokemun and Hoyyan behind about kpop too XD


ps. i'm planning to do something i saw off the internet this year. I'll get a jar and fill it with the good things that happens this year. Then, before 2014, i'll open it and see what an amazing year i've had. LOL super positive thinking much. I haven't found a jar though :O

pps. i got a birthday and christmas present gift from Caryn today ^^ even though its late, somebody actually gave me a present so i was very happy. Most of my friends get a lot for their birthdays, so i was happy i got at least one. FOREVER ALONE LOL. i wish i get a lot this year :| even pens or keychains, however small they are i'll be happy. i jus wanna experience getting a lot for once x)

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