heaven's door

January 24, 2013

OMG this song is just perfect! ^^ the MV's nice too :D best of all, this guy is tooooooo HANDSOME XD

an iPhone suddenly seems so nice :O

Infinite H's Special Girl is also another song i've been listening to non stop :D

anyway, i've been more motivated in school :D i'm doing math on my own most of the time. its been super cold the part few days, so i brought my jacket to school :D they all wanna buy varsity jackets too XD

SNSD recently had their 2000th day! ^^ my soshi feels XD i came across this fanmade documentary yesterday AND IT WAS AWESOME. i seriously say 'awesome' to everything 'cause my vocabulary's gotten a bit...limited, but this really is DAEBAK!

the trailer

part 1

part 2 is gonna be released on January 31 ^^ i think there's gonna be a lot of part. i'm SO looking forward to them! ^^

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