January 16, 2013

i can't stop singing to Lee Hi's "1,2,3,4" @.@ all this while i was saying her name as LEE-HEE but its actually pronounced LEE-HA-YI. hence HI = how you say hi in english. oops. i was originally going to entitle this blog post as "game over, game over".

i got a new bed an i'm spending every moment i have at home on it XD

anyways, i've been getting real good study vibes recently ^^ my class is now starting integration and i think imma have to start doing revision. as mr Haris said: "to become extraordinary, you must do extra work!" :O

i've given up my aim of buying that S Advance by this chinese new year. i'm RM100 short! @.@ so i'll just wait a couple of months and focus on my studies first. i might be even able to save up for an SII ^^

okay, so i've given up the phone for now, but i'm gonna buy albums! ^^

if you've been reading my blog *if you have THANKS SO MUCH*, you might remember that i was originally going to use the RM200++ that i earned working part time to buy albums (B1A4's In The Wind, SNSD's Genie and SNSD's Hoot) 

but i didn't go through with it because it suddenly crossed my mind to consider buying a new phone instead. up till yesterday, i thought that i would be able to earn that missing money but...i just decided that maybe i can wait a little longer for that XD ALBUMS ARE MORE IMPORTANT NOW. it might sound frivolous to you, but i'm a very big KPOP fan and an even bigger SONE. so by this weekend *i hope* i will be able to buy B1A4's In The Wind and SNSD's Genie. plus, i've decided not to buy Hoot first since i see a lot of copies on sale anyway. instead, i'll be buying...


oh yeahhhh, i'm so looking forward to getting it, looking through that photobook and caressing it XD i hope that i'll get a photocard other than Sooyoung :O i've already got two of her photocards (The Boys and Mr. Taxi) so yeah~ i LOVE Sooyoung though, don't get me wrong :O

and i don't really like Gongchan too, so anyone other than him~

here's an unboxing video:

please wish me luck @.@ i'm already praying that they're still in stock XD

GDA is here in Malaysia! 

i've seen photos and fancams of last night in Facebook and i'm waiting for tonight's wave ^^ Kris mentioned last night to watch out for their upcoming album because its gonna be HOT. OMG OMG OMG i totally started hyperventilating XD so i'll be saving up for them too. SIGH. i haven't bought MAMA, and i wanna buy both albums, so if i wanna buy both albums of their new album too, i estimate that i'll need about RM120~RM150. i don't really care which photo card i get, i love them all XD but if i got to choose...maybe Kris? or Tao? or Luhan? or Sehun? or Kai? or DO? or Baekhyun? or Chanyeol? or Lay? or Suho? or Xiumin? or Chen? basically all of them XD

i've been watching TheChannelOfDylan's videos on YouTube and he's hilarious XD he's an ultra kpop fan too (and we're both SONEs! yay! ^^) hea has a LOT of albums and i'm uber jealous T^T one day i will have all of them too!

here are some of his videos :D

another album that i currently want to buy before it disappears off the face of the earth is Oh! :D

now i'm off to do more math /.\ bye and thanks for reading! ^^
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