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January 31, 2013

one of Chanyeol's fanclubs ESPRIT is releasing a 170 page HD photobook! T^T i waaaaaaant! there's gonna be a postcard set of 7, 2 polaroids, an A2 size poster, a mini note, this electro magnetic sticker thingy *lol random* and a photocard T^T THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS PARK CHANYEOL.

what you see in their
the teaser

its so expensive :( 40000 won, which is about RM113 here in Malaysia, excluding shipping fees. sigh.

i also have one of Sehun's fanclubs on my bookmarks :D

everybody's loving MBC IDOL CHAMPIONSHIP right now XD my tumblr dashboard was literally filled with EXO and i just couldn't stop reposting. its like EXO didn't even go for sports XD SO MUCH HUNHAN! my EXO feels XD TAO and LUHAN won medals i think :D they were filming for 22 hours though :O

Sehun is currently my number 1 male bias ^^

who wouldn't love Sehun after this:

and he did it again in recently :DDDD

kaisoo ff are the best and today's post title is dedicated to seulpeo's fic in galaxyabandoned :D

its so hard choosing a lock screen wall paper /.\

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