January 8, 2013

yeoreobun, annyeong! ^^ hello everyone! :D

nowadays i've been sleeping a lot -,- i sleep when i don't have any classes in school, i sleep when i get home from school, i sleep at night, and i sleep every effing opportunity i get. BUT I'M STILL SLEEPY. omg pig much :O

i have a new face routine :3 although it's quite a hassle in the morning *i'm still blur at that time @.@ and i just started so its quite new to me*
i do it every morning and it feels great. i wash, tone, put serum and then moisturize. when i get in the car, the aircon cools my face and i feel like ice cream XD

in school today, i was dreaming of soju. *.* Caryn asked me how much alcohol percentage the drink we had last time had *we drank Hoegaarden and it had 11% i think~*. after that converstion, i couldn't get my mind off soju @.@ distracted much.

i had my first chemistry tuition today :D it was okay~ my friends and i will be changing to the monday class. there are too many people in the tuesday class! @.@ funnily enough, we discussed alkanes, alkenes, carboxylic stuff and alcohols today XD ALCOHOL = SOJU.

another thing i've been thinking of today is SHOPPING in the PHILIPPINES. i suddenly feel like going back and going on a shopping spree XD last time i went, everything was much cheaper than the stuff here in Malaysia. i feel like...i have no clothes :|

my ipod is booming with new songs ^^ i'm scared i'll run out of memory soon :| my 1000th song is...Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj! XD its funny that an English song's my thousandth song when i only have a handful of them :O i downloaded it 'cause i feel very rappy nowadays x) SNSD's I Got a Boy's a very fast song too :O so in a way, i'm practicing...rapping? LOL i don't know. here are the new stuff i downloaded:

Miracle Orange - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Someday - Jessica

I AM - Hyoyeon + Yuri
Marry You - Sunny + Sooyoung + Yoona
Speak Now - Seohyun
Call Me Maybe - Tiffany
I Got a Boy - SNSD *the whole album*

Every Night - EXID

Nillili Mambo - Block B
Nalina - Block B

Not Over You - NU'EST
Happy Birthday - NU'EST
Sandy - NU'EST

Let's Walk Together - Touch
Party (XXO) - Glam

Break Down - SJM *the whole album*

ps. if you're wondering why today's font colour is brown, its because a lot of EXO's merchandise *eg shirts sold at the Pop Store and their balloons* are kind of a brown/grey colour. there's no official statement yet, but i like it :D its better than green -,-

bye for now :D imma go TRY to study for my o-levels @.@ CIE might start on May 10, and if so, according to my phone, i have 122 days left.


omg omg omg.

i'm still active in twitter and tumblr though XD so follow meeeee :D i still update on facebook and instagram but i might update this blog less often :(

give me a new phone and i'll update every week.

give me a new laptop and i'll update everyday x)

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