October 21, 2012

pretty right?! ^^ i took and edited it! they say that every picture has a story, and here's the story for this one:

i was still awake at midnight last night reading, and it was raining very hard outside :O i had the aircon on too so it was super cold :3 the perfect time to cuddle in bed while reading a good story! ^^ there was also thunder and lighting @.@ im kinda...err...jumpy when it comes to thunder and lightning~ but the thunder last night was a different kind, i could feel the vibrations on my bed! my bro and i drew the curtains and saw that the sky was orange! @.@ we took or Casio Exilim and tried to take a picture of the orange sky with flash but we got these instead! ^^

click the pictures to enlarge! ^^

we took some more pictures and then used our Nikon. we managed to take the picture of the orange sky using it:

and a few more pictures of the rain~ this time it kinda looked like snow XD i haven't really seen real snow falling before, so i don't know how it's supposed looks like~

click the pictures to enlarge! ^^

its so nice! ^^ i slept at about 1.++am @.@ all my emo feels were replaced by happy and excited feels XD

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