Get out, I will show you!

October 20, 2012

again, the the post title is made of song titles :) its AOA's Get Out and Ailee's I Will Show You :) awesome! there are so many comebacks! @.@

yesterday i slept at 6pm and woke up at 6am in the morning today @.@ I FCUKING SLEPT FOR 12 HOURS! when i woke up i was like, "why is it still 6 o'clock?", but then i saw my siblings in their uniforms == so i only had about an hour to revise for my Literature test cause i didn't get to last night. good thing it was quite easy~ *whew* i was panicking in the bus on the way to school @.@ EXAMS = LACK OF SLEEP = PENGSAN

all that stress has accumulated and a pimple has appeared on my face! NO!!! T^T please disappear ~

before sleeping yesterday, i was quite bored so i was reading some fanfics while listening to some...sad songs XD *i was gonna write super-pull-at-your-heartstrings-sad music* when i slept (for 12 hours! ==) i had this very vivid sad dream :( i couldn't concentrate that much during my exam cause i was thinking of that dream :( DREAM, Y U SO VIVID? T^T but wo gu gan xie chu lai wo de dream. let's just say...i hate blue and white striped shirts on a tall, white skinned person.

i so wanna go shopping right now! :O i think Cotton On had a sale in Aeon today T^T WHERE WAS I?? i still want that varsity jacket from Seed and that bag from Padini, but i feel like buying a cardigan and a new pair of skinny jeans too.
I HAVE MATHS PAPER 2 ON MONDAY AND ADD MATHS PAPER 1&2 ON TUESDAY D: enough said. I AM GONNA DIE! i should start revision. hmm, yes, i should do that. but i really have no mood to study! @.@ 23 days till my birthday! ^^

because of my pimples, im currently resting with my many creams spread on my face XD GOOD NIGHT! :) wish me luck for maths amd add maths! *and bio too on wednesday!*

ps. i was watching YongSeo just now ^^ they are so precious!

pps. follow me on Instagram please! :D i now have 149 followers, but let's make that number grow! ^^ @fishmeatdie
ppps. today's selcas :)


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