D-10,D21: End of Year exam and BIGBANG CONCERT

October 6, 2012

10 more days till my end of year exams! @.@ i'm a nervous wreck right now! i have maths on the first day! T^T how unlucky is that?!

i really want to do well. *sighhhhhhh* i guess i have to stop watching my drama To the Beautiful You first.
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21 more days to BIGBANG's ALIVE GALAXY TOUR CONCERT here in malaysia :D super excited! but Crystal and i noticed something == the 5 og us bought the tickets because big KPOP stars rarely come to Malaysia, but after we bought them, B.A.P, A-PINK, T-ARA, B1A4, 2NE1, SJM, EXO-M, BTOB and lots of other groups suddenly announced that they were gonna have concerts/showcases/fanmeets here O.O right now i'm like, WTF? and if i didn't buy BB tickets, i might still have money to go to SMTOWN Live in SG T^T SMTOWN SHOULD COME TO MALAYSIA!!

ps. i saw this SG NOTE that's on sale at a VERY VERY VERY cheap price! but my mum won't buy it for me T^T

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