both of us.

October 17, 2012

almost all of the 880 songs in my ipod are korean XD only a handful are in english. but recently, i have been obsessed with Taylor Swift and B.O.B's Both of Us ^^ hence, the title of this post. everytime i hear it on the radio i'll be all like "I WISH I WAS STRONG ENOUGH!!" XD imma download it as soon as finals are over. 7 MORE DAYS!

i had my English composition paper today :O it was okay. i'm having my Chinese and Chemistry papers tomorrow @.@ eotteokke? how am i gonna write that chinese essay? @.@

i'm reading a fanfic right now XD i came across an author's blog yesterday and i LOVE HER ORANGE HAIR :D her name is Valerie but she uses her pen name Caline. she's 19 and from Germany! i miss my old blogging life @.@ i now have a nice nikon camera but i'm stuck at home. ISH. i miss my laptop too T^T i used to be able to update on the random things that i thought about :( tuese few days i've felt like travelling and taking pictures :) not only Korea, i wanna got to Paris or something XD I AM DREAMING!

i also NEED a new phone! /.\ i've said that for the millionth time now. either an S2 or an S3 please T^T i was looking back at my old pictures and the pictures taken using the S2's front camera were the best (that was before S3 came out. i haven't played with an S3 yet) sighhhhhhhh. i've been dreaming about it the whole week. can i get one for my birthday? 25 MORE DAYS!

ps. i should be studying right now XD but i'm not XP TAORIS FEELS ♥ EUNHAE FEELS ♥
pps. selca of the day :)

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