[30.10.12] - recently + exam results + our future?

October 30, 2012

annyeong! ^^ its been a week since my last post! :O Bigbang's Alive tour here was AWESOME! i think that blog post will be up by tomorrow :D i'm still collecting all the pictures that we took and recalling everything that we did @.@

we got our exam papers back first thing when we got back in school @.@ i was like, after going to Bigbang, THE TERROR BEGINS @.@

my results:
English composition: 77
English comprehension: 80+
English literature: 80+
Chemistry: 66
Physics: 60 something~
Biology: 73
Maths: 50
Add Maths: 29
Computer: 80 something~

like...shit. my results are so bad! how am i gonna take CIE next year? and i have a freaking FAIL! O.O HOW TO TELL MY PARENTS?!

today Naomi, Wanyun, Bonnie, Jieying and Kityi were chatting and i chatted with them *im being left alone again so i try and tag along T^T*. They were talking about what they wanted to do when then graduated. Naomi wants to be a designer, and i support her! Wanyun wants to become a pilot~ it got me thinking, so here are my first three choices:

1. Journalist/Writer
2. Airplane Steward
3. DJ/Host/MC


4. anything that will bring me to Korea XD

Kityi said she thought of going to a performing arts school before, and i think her dream is not bad also :D i turned around and asked Swet Yee and she said she wanted to become a chef. She will be Malaysia's first dancing chef! XD
but seriously, what should i do? i think my Chemistry and Biology can improve, but for Maths, Add Maths and Physics...

i also got my UNSW certs today! ^^ why no distinction? T^T i got credit for Writing and English only. sigh. the only subject i'm good in and i can't even get a good result.

kinda depressed right now. i was watching Khuntoria just now and my spirits lifted a bit, but i'm still down. I had a headache the whole day today @.@ almost fainted in the library! I could barely walk!

I miss talking to Crystal :( i will be successful and talk to you again! 우리 친구야! ^^

ps. here's a selca on the night before Bigbang :) *i realized i looked...WEH in almost all of the pictures taken with Naomi's iPod touch >< LAKSAE!!*

pps. songs of the day:
Its Me - Sunny and Luna
Loser Like Me - Glee cast
Look into my eyes and say it - V.O.S

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