[15.10.12] - TTBY ending + D-2 FINAL EXAMS

October 15, 2012

i've finished it! ^^ i dunno if i'm happy or sad right now XD


its been a really long time since i last watched a good drama ^^ i especially liked this one because
1. They're all handsome and pretty
2. I love all their props
3. I love the setting! Genie Highschool FTW!
4. I love the storyline
5. I just love it @.@

that kiss scene in front of the fountain was just...@.@ SPEECHLESS. i was fanboying like crazy! i was rolling on the floor squealing/screaming "OHMAHGAWD OHMAHGAWD MINHO WAS ON THAT BIKE AND HE KISSED HER OHMAHGAWD OHMAHGAWD!!!" XD (i received scolding from my younger brother to shut up ><)

its kinda sad that at the end, even though Eun Gyeol made it to the national team, he's still alone T^T why is the world not fair to eungyeolahhhhh~

Seungri sunbae and Hana's couple is one that i really enjoyed watching ^^ UBER CUTE AHH TA MEN! plus, i didn't really think that ot would happen because i kinda hated his character at the start, but from the episode where his little sister came to the school, i started to like Min Hyeon Jae :3 at the last two episodes i was like: "awwww ta gen taejoon friend friend jorrrr" XD

i could spazz more on them, but its 5 minutes past midnight and i've barely touched my books @.@ i'm sitting for my first paper in 32 hours! X.X DIE!

wish me luck in my exams! :O

아름다운 그대에게 짱!

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