[12.10.12] - to be irreplaceable, one must be different

October 12, 2012

ahahaha today was a good day :) 12.10.12? x) i call days like these "hao feng shui tian" because the numbers of the date are special. i'm a very positive person and i make my life more enjoyable by having a mindset like that XD i may look fierce and frowning most of the time, but i'm actually a very happy person inside. the random things that go on inside my brain, you don't wanna know XD

i want to use tumblr again T^T but i can't because my phone always says "incorrect username/password" but IT IS NOT INCORRECT == so i used my computer to go on. my dashboard is full of random kpop stuff and this one other tumblr page's post that i follow :D his name is "mydarkenedeyes" and i followed him because his pictures are awesome. yi kai tumblr de shi hou, i saw this:

pretty right? :D check out all his photos here: http://mydarkenedeyes.tumblr.com/

speaking of my phone, i really want to change it nowwww T^T i'm almost done watching To the Beautiful You and ALL OF THEM ARE USING S3s T^T I ALSO WANT!!!

i hope i get one! T^T

i am in love with this drama, but i am more in love with Cha Eun Gyeol @.@ he is my wallpaper now XD

4 days to exams @.@ and first day i have MATHS. FML.

i keep myself distracted and although i try and make an effort to start studying, i always end up doing something else. sei lohhhhhh.

i have a new cleanser :) its so good! in just a few days, all my pimples have been removed *i now only have acne scars @.@ scars of the pimples i popped T^T* super effective.

today is my friend Huiying's birthday XD i'm kinda sorry that i couldn't give her a present :O my birthday card also made from tissue only T^T 

NO MONEY. sigh. even Chaichai and Yuxuan's present hai mei gei ta men @.@ anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D she makes chemistry tuition a little less boring :) 31 more days till my birthday ^^

naomi also found Boss' facebook account today XD

please wish me luck on my finals! @.@ FIGHTING!

ps. the title is a quote that's caught my eye recently :) i find that i can relate to it.

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