TAIPING 12.07.12

July 14, 2012

i now have a decent amount of photos, i'm ready to post! ^^
*photos by my classmates and i :D i just took everything that i could find x) you might not be able to see some because SOMEONE used her 8MEGAPIXEL S2 to take pictures and the pictures are too big -,-*

top row: Bonnie, Jie Ying, Poh Yi, Yoke Mun, Nicole, Vivian
2nd row: Wan Yun, Sammi, Naomi, Kityi, Huiying, Yenling, Teresa, Yu Xuan, Sun Lee, Hoy Yan, Chan Jant, Sydney
3rd row: Ee Shen, Se Chien, Zhi Ming, Pui Shi, Wan Sin, Swet Yee
4th row: me, BANZHANG (Wen Hao), Steve, Eric, Jinxian, Daniel, Franklin, AHBOSS (Chirapat), Neoh
lying down: Mak

at 8am all of us gathered in front of the school hall :) a total of 3 classes went on the trip: S1S2, S1P2 and S1SN. the other senior one classes are going next week i think~

35 people from our class went *Hoiyeen went for a competition, Jiajia and Ding went for debate training and Chai Chai went back to her home in Slim River T^T* so we had one bus all to ourselves :)

steve was walking around doing *top secret business* x)

everybody was watching "Baby's Day Out" XD
hou ke lian de boss, he couldn't sleep~

*ps i got a WG/EXO-K poster from xue hai ><*

each bus had a teacher, and that freaking annoying semi-botak teacher was assigned with us == why couldn't it have been our ms yong? T^T

anyway, at 9 something we reached our destination, the SPRITZER building in taiping! ^^

we had breakfast 

and then we proceeded inside for a short talk :)

there was a bar where they sold their products.
they gave us a bottle each for free :D

some of the many awards that were displayed there. they won Reader's Digest's Trusted Brand award lots of times!

some of their products

we then headed inside for a tour of how they made their products :D 

she explained that the water came from underground and stuff like that. i couldn't really hear her voice x.x

group photo! ^^

cameras not allowed inside the factory though :O

after the tour everybody took pictures ^^

and we proceeded outside for more pictures XD

eeshen was smiling the whole day ^^ she couldn't stop laughing!! XD

S1S2, S1P2 and S1SN

it was a really fun trip ^^ everybody was like, taking pictures of everything and everyone. monitor was because assistant monitor couldn't come x)

goodie bags!

huiying acting innocent -,-

kityi's face XD

then its was bye bye spritzer :(

got this just in time ^^ we were already on the bus when i took this.

our next stop was the Taiping Museum :D everybody had fun taking pictures there! ^^ its Malaysia's first museum *it was stated in a sign inside* and had a lot of nice displays :D

my expression -,-

sydney, sammi, yenling and hoyyan :D


can you see the 38 extra person there? XD


the best display in the museum!


don't they look alike? :D

LOL at my face x)

there was this nice hall with fishes :D

she loves fish.

these mannequins looked so realistic! we really thought they were real!

copying them x)


me and yoke mun :]

we went to the second floor too :D

as puishi said:

erm...i think the museum is looking for sammi XD

naomi and i look so lost @.@

ZAN SEN! :D our class monitor last year!

lol they tok pictures at this random pole for so long~
there was a whole museum but they chose this pole! 

*im still looking for a lot of pictures ><*

after that it was time to move on to the next place again :D


we headed to Lake Garden next, and we had our lunch there :D

humongous trees O.O

nice lake! :D

i like walking through shady trees like this :D

we had lunch in this food court :)

we had a VERY quick lunch coz we wanted to play x)

do i always look this good?? >< *zilian*

we had chicken rice :D

after gulping everything down, we headed to the lake! ^^

my special bag :) anyone could easily tell it was me :D

we OWNED that place *v*


and as usual i was in my own crazy world XD

we were thinking, the swan boat or the ferry? hmm. while we were waiting for the others to come, we played with the ULTRAMAN thing that was there XD

can you see wanyun's purple bag? :D

yes, i was crazy XD i almost fell into the water ><

in the end, we got on the ferry *because everybody got to the swan boats first *

our class monitor and huiying were in one swan boat XD they paddled straight towards us! 

then they panicked and paddled away XD

boss and daniel were having a race with the S1P2 people XD

they were riding DINOSAUR boats!

mak, tang sai, pohyi and franklin went on the boat :D
*they said SOMEONE farted on the boat XD*

bonnie and jieying :)
*they got stuck in the middle of the lake x)*

a white and a...not so white man x)

vivian and nicole!

on the ferry there was this 6-legged turtle that was supposed to bring you good luck and was good for bringing in money if you rubbed its shell :D i rubbed it and said "give me BIGBANG concert tickets!" 


kokman took this pic :D

i sat with kokman :D its been some time since we last spoke to each other~ we're in different classes~
*ps can you see that semi-botak teacher in the background? ==*

*thanks to yuxuan ^^*

after that we headed home :) i fell asleep as soon as i got on the bus and woke up when we were near the school adi. they told me banzhang played with my ipod and put my bag on the floor ==

next thing naomi, sammi and i did was to go to jusco :D something we discovered that day was that I WILL NEVER EAT DURIANS. ohmygoshh the smell @.@ i almost died~

anyway, we also got to meet sammi's dad. he was SO DAMN GENEROUS O.O SHOCKING DAO! he paid for the bag i was gonna buy and bought naomi face shop things *@.@ jealoussssss*

i love canvas bags ^^

we had dinner at Sushi King :D

i heart tempura!

and had chatime on the way back :D

that day was one of the best days of my high school life :D i got to go on a trip with all of my classmates. i hope to be able to go an another trip like this, but with FULL attendance  and with our form teacher :D



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