Red Tea Hair

July 24, 2012

hi everybody! ^^ its day 2 of exam week and so far so good. i thought i'd take a break and post, so here i am! :)
a lot of kpop stars have dyed their hair RED, and its totally becoming a trend :D it looks AWESOME on Bom, Jinyoung, Suho and Tiffany ♥.♥ it looked awesome on Taemin and Heechul too~

when i dye my hair, i only use one dye, and its Revlon Colorsilk no. 33 Dark Brown. I like it because its a natural shade of brown indoors and has red tints under intense light. I REALLY like red hair XD so im planning on buying a redder dye next time *planning...planning.*

a shade of red that i really like is Red Tea's shade :) i realized this when i was making tea just now XD

oh well, just a random thought. will edit this post after the exam so that it looks better :) im only allowed to use the pc till then. i saw this laptop on sale the other day and i had heartaches :'( i miss my laptop and i need a new one!
anyways, zaijian for now! ^^

wish me luck on my bio exam tomorrow! <3

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