July 10, 2012

*imma update with coloured text and more photos when u get hold of a pc. i accidentally deleted this and only had my hp to repost T^T*

its been some time since i last blogged about my life, so here i am now! :D

its been kinda hectic in school. i've been getting tons of homework and exams are 2 weeks away @.@ gotta start studying!

i watched Jokwon's Animal live yesterday an i must ask, is he the new korean lady gaga? XD

also spazzing over afterschool's flashback dance ♥.♥ they are so flexible!

i mentioned just now that the exans are coming soon, but i have totally no mood to study /.\ but i have to! /.\ my face has turned from this:

to this:

-,- we're still having basketball for PE

and last pe class, our teacher was with the girls, so we were free to play basketball on our own XD i was just running around that court and when the ball came to me, i either ran away, blocked somebody while running away or shot the ball into the basket but didn't go in. T.T thankful to my classmates that they asked me to play with them even though i sucked x)

my dad wanted to go to the park last night, so we did :)

its been a long time since i last had one of these thirst quenching SLURPEEs :D

i also just got a haircut D:
first i cut it myself:

but it was weird and it was still long, so i went to the salon :O before:


i think its too short but my sis says its suits me :O i think long hair looks better on me coz short hair makes my cheeks look big and chipmunk-like!

ps we bought SOJU after my haircut ^^

first place i went to after my haircut was sunset mass. i love sunsets :D

hmm i think that's just about it. mum's at the airport waiting for her flight now. *she thought her flight was at 7am but it was at 7pm XD excited much*

im getting more followers on twitter! ^^ hit 150 a few days ago~ if you have an account, follow me and i'll follow back! :D @fishmeatdie

and even though i've met quite a number if new friends on twitter and facebook, yet another fb anti has emerged and publicly humiliated me == Janice Lovestoseeyoursmile, BITCH, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.

anyhoo, life's still good and i can't wait for our class excursion this thursday! ^^ i got selected as the MC for this year's leo club installation again :3

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