July 11, 2012

these few days i've been feeling sleepy 24/7. i sleep everywhere too: in class, on my bus, in my car, at home~ i think its because i sleep too late >< but i can't help it, i'm used to sleeping late! oh well ><

to keep myself awake and refreshed at night to do my...stuff, i make sure to wash my face properly :) i also need to get rid of those pimples! my role model for looking my best and taking care if myself right now is non other than the world's best cosplayer ALODIA! ^^ one day imma be perfect and popular just like her :3

in the mean time, im just normal, ordinary, plain me :D *redundant much x)*

SMILE those frowns away! ^^

*ps i just got the masks i asked and naomi and sandra to buy for me when they went to Aeon x)*

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