2ND Monthly Test Week

July 27, 2012

woo finally its's over! 5 days of going to that huge COLD hall! *brrr* here's a rundown of what happened this week.

today is a good day :)
this represents my mood now.
the sun resting: RELAXED.
*this pic has 100% no edit!*

exams were BM and Physics, and since they were having BM first, i headed to the library. i forgot to bring student ID card, so i had to go and pay a fine of RM5 @.@ either that or NOT be allowed inside the exam hall. they gave me this slip that i had to show the invigilators:

yeah. physics was actually pretty easy this time around. my alarm usually goes off at 5.30am and i just press snooze and get out of my bed at 6.30, but i was really nervous so i got up at 5.30 and started reading. not really that helpful -,- almost NOTHING that i read came out, but oh well, at least i knew how to do it.

this book is a lifesaver <3
i want a copy of the Chemistry and Biology past year papers too!
can anybody lend me?

we were dismissed at 2.20 so Naomi, Sandra and i headed to AEON for a bite first :D we ate at Kim Gary. It was my first time eating there and it was great :) its always better to eat while chatting with friends :D

top left corner: the best mango dessert ever!
bottom left: cheeeeseeeeeeeeee :D

i got curious about this sign *.*

naomi and i got to our chemistry tuition centre at 4 and since tuition started at 5, we chatted with Bonnie, WanYun, Kityi and Huiying XD i talked with Huiying dao sot! She said T.O.P was her brother, so her name is Dynamo and my name is Downy, and her husband is Yoochun??!! Ehem i think Bonnie and Wanyun want him also XD Kityi was listening to B.A.P and NU'EST's new songs, but i haven't heard them yet so i listened along :)

tuition was okay and when i got home, i had to eat dinner and i felt like exploding x.x

English and Maths!!! AHHH! im 100% confident with my english but maths! @.@ my trigonometry was still a bit rusty, so im lucky that i got Vivian from my class to teach me :) she's nice! In the end, i finished the paper with 30 minutes to spare. I think i did quite a good job, and i hope i get a good grade :D

i'm currently addicted to getting whiter skin @.@ call me vain, but i still want it! *zilian yi xia~*

Chinese and Biology!

die lorrr my chinese x.x i knew how to write my essay but the han yu pin yin...O.O
biology was still okay :D i had to bei al lot of things but i think i can score a good grade lar :)

i want my brown hair to be more obvious!

Add Maths!
today mr bro and sis didn't have any exams /.\ hen shuang ahh ta men~ i asked Vivian to review again with me. she's a real great help! :D
during the exam, i totally forgot about how to find the gradient using Differentiation! but 15 minutes before the paper ended, I SUDDENLY REMEMBERED!


so i had to rush and try to do as many questions as possible. i hope i can pass it :(

Computer and Chemistry!
today's the last day! ^^ during the first period, we celebrated our dear Ms. Yong's birthday :) actually her birthday's tomorrow, but a lot of people are going to Famine 30 in KL, so, yeah~

class picture :)

Computer was sup sup shui lar ^^ and so was Chemistry! @.@ i was a bit shocked at how easy it was and thought i'd made a careless mistake, but i ran through the paper 3 times and i didn't see anything wrong with it (well, except for a few multiple choice questions that i wasn't sure of)

dismissal time was at 2.40 and Naomi, Sandra, Crystal, her brother Yuan Foong and I went to AEON! ^^ CELEBRATION TIME! :D 
we ate at Sakae Sushi:

it was a nice meal :D
for more pictures, go to naomi's blog :D

next we went shopping ^o^ my sis recently bought this effective product, so i bought one for myself too. it's ZA's True White Prismizer for whitening :)

I bought it for RM33.++ *i forgot* and bought another Olay eye serum that costs RM32.90, but i got it only for RM1! ^^ there was a promotion and i got the last two. ^^

so here i am at home now, relaxing :D imma watch Rooftop Prince this weekend! ^^ BYEEE! :D

ps. EXO will be in Thailand tomorrow for their showcase! T^T M already landed and filmed a show last night T^T somebody bring me to THAILAND!

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