28.07.12 school + olympics

July 28, 2012

baby i'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely~ T^T a lot of my classmates didn't come to school today coz they went to Famine 30. *ps, there are two Famine 30s. both in KL, but you can see Wang Lee Hom on the one next saturday* are you guys starving?? XD

look at all the names O.O

AH BOSS went back to Thailand with some teachers to scout for new students.

Wan Yun, Bonnie, Jieying, Chanjant and Pohyi jie have started filming for our class's english oral project T^T we haven't started yet!

Wan Yun said that if we laughed, we needed to buy her McDonalds XD

banzhang was their camera man!

when i got home, i got to watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics :D damn yeng! ^^ Voldemort, Cruella De Ville, Mary Poppins...even Mr Bean was there! XD

view of the cauldron from the inside

how the cauldron was formed!

and today i got some very good news! ^^ i think XinYi can buy tickets for BB's concert and i THINK i can go! :D xinyi, fighting!

if i can go then we'll be sitting at the RM599 area :D
i will pull T.O.P off the stage! XD

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