July 22, 2012

hello everybody! :3 eros here! its been almost a week *i think* since i last updated, and that's because i'm having my exams tomorrow! *GASP!* so i've been trying to study hard *ahem ahem* but i couldn't concentrate. sigh.

anyways, a lot of things have happened recently. i can't post a lot of photos cause im on mobile, so bear with me please :)
the most shocking is that JONGHYUN KISSED TAEMIN! well, almost @.@ during their recent shinee world concert, jjong grabbed taemin but his lips landed on his...err...in between his mouth and nose area XD epic! SHAWOLS are going crazy x)

second thing that happened is that im going crazy @.@ i have so many things to study! and so many formulas! ish, i just hope that i'll get good results and hopefully my parents will let me go to BB's concert *praying*

im really looking forward to FNC's new girl group's debut. they are AOA, which means Ace of Angels. the 7th member's name and photo was just released today. i'm curious about them! ^^

i recently tried Sasa's honey mask and it smelled like hell == never again buying! its smell so bad that i think i have phobia now @.@ i feel like imma vomit every time i see honey or a mask -,-

for the joint installation of leo clubs this year, we're gonna dance like this by WG! ^^ during first practice i was really...err...shy @.@ but i'll be more outgoing next time!
TAORIS is still on top of my list :) and they're gonna be for a long time, i think :D
i'd love to write more, but i woke up at 12pm and spent 1 and a half hour bathing -,- gotta start studying. here's my latest selca >< don't hate on me!

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