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August 22, 2011

you might have noticed that "©" over there, and its there coz although not obvious and very small, i can still notice it and its still called COPYING~ so please STOP and have your own way of blogging~ not only is it pissing me off, but your also not letting yourself be more creative :D im not THAT angry, n sry if i offended u or anything ><

when i was in my car i saw that there was some mist forming on the mountains~ i didn't mind it but then suddenly the mist increased!

but as we got closer to school, the mist cleared up :D *phew*

when i got to class they were setting up chunghoe's make up

while he was getting ready, me, ms NA OH MI and caryn were selling CAO GAO or smth XD

lots of things were on the field, like CHILLI ppl advertising

and of course there was our food stall!

i made my way back to class after that to take pics of our class's angry bird and vampire!

i also met our form 1 classmate, NISHANTE FRANCIS! this guy is geng dao si! he can speak chinese very well and his look has now changed! he's hair is cooler and he dresses better! XD

there was also this stall that was selling foreign food (managed by my sis, abi, nicole, divina and demi)

and after a while walking with crystal, kw, ms NA OH MI and mr ND, we came across these handicrafts! i bought 1 for myself and it now hangs proudly in my room =]

and after a while, we went to S2S1's haunted house! it was so DAMN nice! and scary! XD caryn, crystal and i screamed at everything and m NA OH MI + bf were so quiet all the time! we practically ran out screaming! we were in a line:

me ---squeezing her shoulders---> kw
kw ---strangling her neck---> crystal
crystal ---pulling her hair---> naomi
*the next idk XD*

we made our way back to our food stall for our shift, and i must say, there were STILL so many food! luckily me n my friends managed to sell everything ^^ (not because we gave 2 sticks of curry fish ball and 1 bag of MA DOU just for 1 coupon XD)

overall, i think this funfair was a success!!

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