ZE:A[제국의아이들] Here I am MV

July 31, 2011


im so in love with the dance at the chorus!! WOO!! its SO DAMN CUTE!! XDXD HERE I AM!! with the waving hands!! new favourite!!! ^^

click here to download this song!!

and here's the album which this song came from!

Title: Lovability
Artist: ZE:A
Genre(s): Dance / Pop / Ballad
Released: March 17, 2011


1. Intro
2. Here I Am
3. Again..
4. Mazeltov
5. 하루종일
6. Be My Girl
7. Love Coach
8. 이별드립
9. New Star
10. Man 2 Man 

11. Special Day (For ZE:A's)
12. Here I Am (inst.)

click here to download their album!

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