family night out

July 17, 2011

its been a while since i last went out with my family~ it feels kinda good =]

first we headed to Domino's Pizza to eat dinner
we had a funny conversation!
me: there's green and red capsicums~
mom: and yellow
yana: ooh, remember that nickelodeon thing?
me: oh, "let's get yummy with mummy"??
mom: POW!


btw, this is only the second time i've worn my new shoes since i bought them~

New Balance, RM 79.90, Bata, Jaya Jusco
next we headed to Parkson~ first shop we went to was Scholl

selca XD wow legssss
then we headed to Bata to buy some shoes for my cousin (co my parents will  be going back to the Phil on the 28th (i think)

there was a Toyota car show (in the middle of the MALL O.O) all three of us fit on the back seat of the Avanza XD

what you can see from the car window O.O
 then we went to our favorite stop, POPULAR =] read books like crazy again, i even got mark on my legs for sitting too long (there were benches but i sat on the ground)~ at least i looked around this time! i bought chinese brush and chinese ink for me to play with ><

yay!! no plastic!!

haha ><

stayed here =]
on our way to the parking lot, i saw this HP7 poster!! OMG!! its been out for 3 days now and i still haven't watched it!! I SWEAR im gonna go to jusco one day and watch it~ lol, i've read and re-read all 7 books a lot of times and i think i've watched all movies on the big screen =]

well, that's  just about it >< at home we watched a movie, Meet the Fockers!! HAHAHA!! HILARIOUS!!!

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