July 28, 2011

exams are now over! and even though im sure i flunked my add maths exam, IM RELIEVED!! ^^ hers's a rundown of what happened today~

i woke up and i still had this frickin' thing in my nose~

brought one roll of tissue to school XD

needed to bring so many things to school!! 
my qing ai de table ^^

i hate this test == A.M = SHIT

esther + poh yi + chai chai (poh yi and chai chai were molesting each other again XD)

again with the tissue!! this time with blood!!

long time since i last climbed these stairs 

heavy books on my lap~

these two ppl sleeping like dead ppl XD

in leo club today:

xinjie: and this year's president is... PHUAH XIN JIE!
every1: -,-
edmond: oh surely 2010/11 de~
xinjie: ...for 2011-2013!
every1: -,-
xinjie: my vp is...aiyo, bu hao wan de~ my secretary is...CHI CHENG!
chicheng: wah, 我是 TOP VP de! u dare to make me secretary>
every1: wah!
xinjie: wei! >3< *speechless 

and the highlight of the day was buying badges from wei yik!! ^^ BADGES!!!

i love this! philippines + malaysia!!


malaysian celebrities go green! am i a celebrity?? XD

i've seen this badge on a lot of my senior's vests O.O now i have 1 too! ^^

finally i got my hands on this!! SAM TET's SPOTLIGHT ON CHILDREN BADGE ^^

and the crown jewel!! Leo Eliza's 2010/2011 badges!! the green and the red ones were there too, but wei yik said maybe someone reserved them =3= i want them!!!

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