1st Leo Region 4, 5 & 6 Meeting

July 10, 2011

whew, today i went to this fiscal year's regional meeting~ my brain was telling me OVERLOAD!! MEMORY FULL!! CANNOT PROCESS!! /,\ there were a lot of things i couldn't process or understand~ so to all Leos out there who have a higher brain capacity than me, i hope you'll guide me in the future! *bows down* i was also introduced to this fiscal year's RCCs: Lion Cecilia Loke and Lion Kimberly Lee

=] they asked us all to introduce ourselves to each other on facebook, but ngo paiseh leh, i'll just do it here ><

HI!! I'M Leo EROS ERFE from the LEO CLUB OF POI LAM HIGH SCHOOL, REGION  ZONE 13! *i checked before writing* im currently holding the post of 2ND VICE PRESIDENT

*im a FILIPINO and even though i speak a bit of mandarin, im not really a pro at it, so if u get mad at me, feel free to scold me with mandarin! XD

today i found out a lot of things about THIS fiscal year (i was thinking that everything would still be the same)~ i learned that this year, our international theme is "WE BELIEVE" and that this year,  Lion's Club International have its first CHINESE President based in Hong Kong! woohoo!! maybe i'll get to see him if he decides to visit malaysia or something!! ^^

his international logo! according to lion Cecilia, the "I", the "B" and the stuff on top of it make the chinese character "xing" i think >< THAT'S SO COOL!! *ps, there's a dragon coz mr pres is from hong kong

and another important person!! our DISTRICT PRESIDENT!! (sorry, i don't know his name ><) on the guidelines that they gave us i found this:

'The Peony, regarded as one of the most exquisite flowers, is a symbol of nobility and value. It became popular in the imperial palaces during the Sui and Tang dynasties, and earned its title as the "king of flowers." A symbol of spring and oriental significance, the Peony also symbolizes peace. Hence, it was chosen to complement our first Chinese international President's logo.' - from the guideline book

but when i went on the net, i found this instead:
DP's Theme Logo 2011-2012Lions and Leos, I hereby humbly present to you officially, the District President's Theme Logo 2011-2012.

“Believe, Breakthrough, Excel” is the theme for Leo District Cabinet for fiscal year 2011-2012. The infinite power of believe, generates creativity, and generate the power to change. This will in turn create breakthrough not only in yourself, but also to other individuals in your community. With all belief, passion and dedication you have, you will be able to excel what you are doing in your life.

The round logo with Blue colour lining represents UNITY among the Leos in District 308B2. The hands holding the Malaysia’s flower with the Leo logo in the centre, represent Leo members in the District 308B2 MALAYSIA, hand-in-hand serving the Malaysian’s community.

Red is the colour of energy, power, determination as well as passion of our Leos; Yellow is the colour of sunshine, associated with joy and happiness among all the Leos serving the community; Green is the colour of harmony and nature, represents that we are striving to create a more Greener environment; Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, associated with strong unity of District 308B2 Leo members; Orange combines the energy of red and happiness of yellow, represents enthusiasm, creativity and desire to be a successful one.

The logo itself creates the energy, spirit, happiness, harmony and teamwork in all Leos who serve their community.

Logo Descript by
Leo Vincent Khor
Leo Club of Penang (City)
District Coordinator for Leo forum, Leadership Training and Development
Leo District 308 B2, Malaysia

Logo Design by
Leo Goh Kean Wei
Leo Club of Alor Setar

Welcome the New leo BOD on board! the new fiscal year has begun!

Wishing all of the new BOD 2011-2012, have a dynamic jurney ahead and lets work together with 1 District 1 Heart, Together We Believe, We Breakthrough, We Excel!

Best Wishes from

Leo Ch'ng Kok Sheng
District President 2011-2012
Leo District 308 B2, Malaysia

from fb-------------------------------^

there was a lot of emphasis on MARs and MAARs @.@ totally didn't know~ good thing im not the secretary~ a list of events were there too (yay!) and a list of criteria and hw to achieve awards! ^^ even though our BOD is currently in a messy state of turmoil, we will sort it out and become the top club!! XD *just joking*

the RCCs also emphasized on working together with our Lions and planting trees! SURE THING!! HOPE PLHS THE BEST THIS YEAR!!! JIA YOU!! FIGHTING!! GAMBATEH!!

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