July 16, 2011

hooo, didn't blog for 3 almost three days!! GASP!! XD

from 11pm to 12.30 pm, i made esther's bday card!! i had limited materials though, so it wasn't what i imagined it to be~ but it was still nice (in my opinion ><) i made a felt bag for the card too ^^

anyhoo, in school, i bought a badge from my president last year, leo PHUAH XIN JIE which she says is now rare coz IMNC has become DMNC~

sorry, camera currently low bat~ had to use my sis's hp~

and here are some random pics on my phone right now XD

purple contacts XD i used photo fix a LOT of times till it came out like this~

selca while trying to ACT good and study bio ><


XDXD!! i laughed so hard when i saw this! RUDE HELLO KITTY!!! MIDDLE FINGER!!! LOL

esther LOVED my card!! yipee!! Goku came back from Korea on the 14th so we had PE. ANNYEONG HASEYO!!! ^^ i had a chance to play volleyball!! and the weather was nice!! and here's an AWESOME GRAPH made by ms LKK (caryn XD) herself!
(can't upload it =[ if you're my friend on fb though, you can see it here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1669688480613&set=t.100000195042970&type=1&theater)

PERFECT DAY!! until our bus broke down and we had to ride this TINY bus!! maximum capacity 24?? 4 times 12 feet (i think) ?? the think 40++ ppl could fit?? *laugh + faint*

when i got home mom didn't let me go online =[ i got so upset so i slept at about 5pm and when i woke up...BAM!! its 6:30 AM already??? WOAH!!!
hmm, nothing much to say today, except that ms NA OH MI and i had a lot of fun during chemist ^^ we had this dialogue after i memorized the lines~ it came from a movie:

zj: i tell you, you can't cook in the jungle
me: because if you cook, got fire
zj: if got fire, the air force will see it...
both: and drop BOMBA!
zj: then you die,
me: i die,


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