Win a trip to Korea! The 2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival!

June 9, 2011


In celebration of ‘Visit Korea Year’, the Committee of ‘Visit Korea Year’ is hosting the ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival‘. Capturing the global boom of cover dances of K-Pop artists, the ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’ is open to everyone in the world to audition.

Cover dance is learning and performing the choreography of any dance; it is an evolution of watching and appreciating–it is feeling and enjoying the same art as the celebrity. The Committee of ‘Visit Korea Year’ aims to ride the Hallyu Wave to share and shape Korea’s finest contents with the global community through the ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’.

The ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’ will be open for audition to everyone with access to the Internet. There will be two rounds to qualify where the winners are chosen through an open online popularity count for the 1st round and the top contenders will then proceed to the 2nd round where they will be judged in person by famous Korean choreographers, musicians, CF directors, and other professionals. The ones chosen in the 2nd round will be given the chance to compete in Korea to perform at the festival.

You can find details and audition online at the ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival‘ homepage (which will launch shortly). The 1st  round will be open online through July 24th. Then in September for the 2nd round, the judges will fly over to a number of countries, according to the total count of auditions and popularity, to pick the final qualifiers. The final qualifiers will finally compete in Korea in October at the ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’.  

The Committee will invite all contestants who pass the 2nd round, to Korea, to tour the beautiful attractions of Korea and provide them with the chance to meet the original artists of their cover dance.

Secretary general of the Committee of ‘Visit Korea Year’ stated, “I believe through utilizing K-Pop, which has become a core essence of the Hallyu wave, and its counterpart ‘cover dance’,  we will be able to promote Korean culture interactively”, and added, “this is a great chance for Korea to impress the world as an attractive and energetic spot to visit”.

In related news, on May 28th at the ‘Seoul World Cup Stadium’, a cover dance team formed of 31-members from 11 different nations opened up the ‘2011 Dream Concert‘ and introduced the ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’.


[credit: allkpop]

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