what's inside my head : 25.5.11

June 4, 2011

hmm, recently, i've been posting a lot, and i when i thought back, why did i start my blog? it was because i wanted to be able to express my thoughts (no secrets :], well, sorta ><) with everyone, and i haven't done so in a long time~ so i'm gonna start something new in my blog which is having posts that are all about what's inside my head

so, let's get to it =] 

its 2.02am now as i'm writing this (thank God its a holiday) and i've just finished watching Playful Kiss Again =] we finished it last year, but me and my siblings were bored, so we decided to have re-runs~ and i must say, i've missed Baek Seung Jo + Oh Ha Ni! I'm planning on watching Boys Over Flowers next ><

And I'm DREADING this Sunday's Leo Club Farewell at the ICC! i'm kinda shy abt clothes and dressing up (unless its just with my friends) and the theme for this event is "Perak Leos' next Top Model"~ == i mean, come on, of all the things,why that?? i'm kinda nervous and scared about ppl's impressions about me, so i kinda have a habit of just wearing jeans/short pants + print t-shirt everywhere i go~ plus SHOES! OMG another setback~ i usually just wear sneakers~ if i had it my way, it would be t-shirt + jeans + hoodie + sneakers = awesome look~ but life isn't that UNglamorous XD (is there a word like that?) i won'tbe able to survive in Korea! my mom heard that Korea was so fashionable that if your clothes aren't fashionable enough (aka like MY style) then you'd be considered as an embarrassment O.O

anyhoo, clothes aside, there's another topic i'm concerned about and that is something confidential XD i just said it so i could say something XD i'll put it in my 2nd blog (aka the hidden notebook in my room)

i should probably rest now~ 我爱yUrOusI ♥, good night!

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