what's inside my head : 15,06.11

June 15, 2011

hmm just saw j** k**'s new profile pic ='( UNFAIR hw can he b so leng zai ♥.♥

anyhoo~ the phantom of poi lam is cancelled X.X not enough time to complete it an for practice~ but this friday gonna be good (i hope) i think im gonna be able to go to this District Leo Club Fellowship dinner with Leo Raissa Laurel, MD 301 President!! woohoo! i wanna meet her so bad!!

im now listening to Glee's version of Born this Way~ speaking of which, we just watched the last episode of season 2. so sad that they didn't win =( but the plus side is that there's bound to be season 3!!! ^^

and i just took off the mask mum bought for me from the Face Shop (her favourite shop EVER) ><

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