June 29, 2011

urgh, SLOW internet == i still havent been able to post that post about my recent trip to Penang == IHY INTERNET~

what's been happening recently:

met miss VICKY LIM ^^ new idol~ we're d same!
ANNOYING ORANGE! our new favourite!
had a rehearsal for that freaking Sports Day == EVERYONE was required to go for marching on that day~ OMG i almost fainted (luckily i didn't ><)

SeoHyun noona's birthday just passed! Noona! Saeng-il chugha hamnida!! ^^ YONGSEO 4EVER!!!

and SOMEONE's bday is coming soon too!! and that someone's name is ms MOK KHER WEI! we blonettes specially prepared a gift for you ^^ hope u like it~ (PS my plan would have been perfect if we were able to go to your house in the morning~ and judy's present! OMG! what is it??!

my hair is now TRENDING in school == i mean the trending in twitter~ omg!! i think almost everyone has seen me and laughed and talked about me!! this isn't how i wanted to get famous!! y now??!! URGH!
*btw, JIE, hu says i cnt zi pai???

just found out that the 2nd batch of project SONE badges are coming tomorrow!!! KILL!! WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS??!!! I WANT ONE!!!!

and we already hung up the lights we bought in penang =]

and last but not least, today is Dongho hyung from U-Kiss's bday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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