goals for fiscal year 2011/2012

June 27, 2011

urgh, im still thinking of chi cheng's trophy X.X that's why last ECA i discussed wif ky, kw and yh and came up with my goals for this year:

1. Be an emcee again
2. Go to lots of events (all if possible ><)
3. Organize a lot of events (everything this fiscal year will be from PLHS! ><)
4. Be a committee member for a camp or smth (i wanna experience ppl doing what i organized for them)
5. Get lots and lots of badges (until my vest weighs a ton)
6. Get to know everyone
7. Get lots of awards
8. Let the members of our club not think that we're lame and be more active and creative during projects
9. Go to the 2nd OSEAL thing in the Philippines
10. Go to Leo Forum
11. Get a bigger trophy than CC (MUAHAHAHAHA)
12. Break the record of 17 awards for the Leo Club of PLHS

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