Fellowship Night with MD301 Philippines President, Leo Raissa Laurel

June 18, 2011

oh yeah, im blogging XD im alive agn!
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 last night, we had a fellowship night with the MD301 Philippines President, Leo Raissa Laurel~ she is TRULY an inspiration for me. she maintained her cheerful,happy and bubbly attitude and stayed positive in spite of the possibility that she would not be able to walk again. and because she BELIEVED, she ACHIEVED ^^ she's proof that in real life, there really are hardships, and these are God's way of testing us if we really want what we want. on the September of 2010, while she was going to support her friend going for the bar exam (a lawyer exam) she was unfortunately caught in a bomb's blast and, in a split second, was on the ground bleeding. she was lucky that someone was kindhearted enough to carry her into a van and drive her to the hospital. she was in the OR a little while later with only a 20% chance of survival, and she said that it was really a near-death experience for her. but she overcame it, with a positive attitude all the way. now, she is an inspiration to hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS of Leos everywhere. she gave us her story at the dinner and even sang a song with Leo Zenny ^^ from the bottom of our hearts, Leo Raissa, we wish you the best! good luck!

ps, also got my name tags~ there was another purple one, but my name was spelled wrong =3= 

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