24.06.11 hair disaster

June 24, 2011

the horror!!

OHMYGODDDDDDDD I AM SO FRICKIN PISSED == FIRST OF ALL, MY HAIR ISN'T THAT LONG OK, IT WAS PERFECTLY SHORT BEHIND AND ON BOTH SIDES, BUT NOOOOOOOO!!! XUN TAO HAD NO MERCY!!! URGH!! FROM OK TO TOTALLY NOT OK, MY HAIR IS SO FREAKING ME OUT NOW!!! MR ENG, MR LOKE, MR AMOS, PRINCIPAL AND EVEN MS LEOW LAUGHED AT ME!! ='( WO HEN XING KU~ but at least when i ran 5 rounds of the field in the morning for PE, i passed! 7mins, 36secs!! and passing was 8mins 10secs! i was happy till they cut my hair == and we needed to take a pic with all our Leo Club awards today too~ how LUCKY of me~ ppl were commenting from all over~ but i prevented a more dangerous future XD i was wearing my fake glasses when the discipline ppl caught me:

lady: why is your hair so long?
me: erm...
lady: come with me
me: um,ok...
lady: wait, why are your glasses so big?
me: eh...
lady: is that real or did you just wear them today?
me: um, they're real,i have serious eye problems...
lady: then why weren't u wearing anything yesterday?
me: uhh,  i was wearing contacts
lady: contacts are banned in school ==
me: oh, so im going to have to by new glasses~

XDXDXD she's so damn trick-able!!

haiz, im gonna have to plan my survival guide on hw im gonna survive wif this hair~ LAW JING GO DIE!! =3= at least i still have normal hair, not like you whose hair is all reaching for the sky~



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