2011 Ipoh Starwalk

June 19, 2011

WOOHOO!! i went to the annual Starwalk organized by Star Newspaper, and LOL it was fun! but at 1st i tot dat we needed 2 run and like, push people away so we could get to the finish line first, but XD i was so shocked when they told me that i only needed to walk~

like, OH MY GOSH, it was like there were students from every school in Ipoh~ SO MANY PEOPLE! i was praying all the while that i wouldn't trip or anything >< the embarrassment~ xin xi, sydney, sun lee, jin xian and other people from school also came, but i walked with ms NA OH MI, oreo, xze yan and chou yew + gf (<<--- we only walked a bit with them to give them PRIVACY XD)

i woke up at about 5am coz ms NA OH MI was picking me up~ and when i got to the car she handed me the free goodies =3= which made everything i brought much heavier~

it was still dark when we got there, although the place was already teeming with people. there were so many people, but i was like,WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO PUT MY THINGS and ms NA OH MI was all for me carrying it the whole 7km walk =,= hello,im not super domo~

then when we met up with xin xi and sydney, we entered the stadium to take the 1st green wristband~ but then we had to wait for chou yew coz his shirt was with us~ he and xze yan didn't get to get their wristbands though (they ran out XD) then we were off! i left my LUGGAGE inside the stadium ='( btw there were a lot of LEO CLUB people! but JK wasn't there ==

what a beautiful sunny day XD

ah chew was walking very slow because he was "accompanying" someone XD we finished 20 minutes ahead of him! a miracle! and guess who we say on the way! MAK GOR! XD 

then we walked and walked and, guess what? WALKED! XD we even saw a dead snake along the highway! then we ditched the couple~ and i got the 2nd wristband! 

and as i said earlier, we finished 20 minutes ahead of time! faster than my UNCLE! im so happy XD after that i looked for someone who could open the stadium for me =,= and we didn't go for the lucky draw anymore~ i did see the albino burmese python and another animal though~ im totally gonna go again next year, and im gonna drag everyone along! >< but if u bring ur gf like mr LEE CY did, pls pay attention to her n dun ignore n pull her can mou?? >< 

i like the yellow ambank hand! XD!

i went to clearwater with my family next, then jusco afterwards~ i saw ESTHER lol~and wth is dis =3= 

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