eCamp 2011

May 30, 2011

on the 27th of June (which was last Friday) i attended the eCamp in my school ^^ it was like so damn fun!! *sorry for  the blur photos ><

27.05.11 (10am - 2pm, before the campers arrived)

we all had a blast practicing for the aerobic dance for the kids~ and AOA was so AWESOME!! XD

weirdos O.O

hu  is this??? AOA!! XD


27.05.11 (2pm)

when the campers arrived, we helped them change into their camp shirts~ some of our classmates also came that time to help out with the ice breaking games, and made the class banners. the theme for this year was Alice in Wonderland, so there were the Alice, Caterpillar, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and our group, the Queen of Hearts ^^

after that, we checked them into the hostel (which you do NOT want to see ==) and went to the canteen for lunch


ms leow was distributing the drinks~ looks so blur ><
we played games after that, and at night, we played in the computer games~ and SOMEONE vandalized my foot in the hall =3=

that night i couldn't sleep coz i was busy telling all of them to SLEEP /,\

that night's conversation:

me: ok, i'm gonna turn off d lights k?
jhi yuan: 为什么你的头发很long leh?(Why is your hair so long?) Yeng! Teach me ur hairstyle!
me: um~
ah poon: wei, ni hen leng zai! (ur so handsome!)
me: um, faster slp la
jhi yuan: w0 bu xiang sui w0r~ (i don't feel like sleeping)
boy: 你要吃吗? Wo you r0cky, kit kat, p0tat0 chips...(do yo wanna eat? i have rocky, kit kat, potato chips...)
jhi yuan n ah p0on: w0 ya0!! (i want!!)
me: O.O


breakfast that day was NOODLES!!

after that we had our sports~

and after that we had a SCIENCE QUIZ!

and then the inventions!!

while everyone was busy with the inventions...

we were slacking off XD

AH JIE was doing smth...
when i was using her phone =3=

she was colouring my toes with a highlight pen!

and then act INNOCENT!!!!!!!!

i din noe anyth /3\

while everyone was making a DJ thingy...

Demi was making a payphone =,=

then i took some pics of the ppl there...

afterwards our group went on to win more prizes

after that, the campers were sent back to the hostel and the helpers helped with the campfire and games that night

ke lian de ee shen massaging SOMEONE'S foot =3=

can you see that humongous vein showing on my foot??!!

after that was the campfire, which actually wasn't anything but burning wood walking around it for a few mins and then going back into the hall~ AIR POLLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!1

the prize that we won from the coloured paper hunt! MAMEE!!

in the hall the campers ran around in the dark with flashlights and the helpers with glow in the dark lollipops!! XD that night, when they were all getting ready for bed in the hostel, we helpers were still doing somethings, and i had my 1st nosebleed!! XD so happy!! XD after that we went to McDonalds for a drive through, WHICH SUCKED =3=


station games was the first activity of that day after breakfast,
followed by the presentation of invention and another roundd of aerobic daancing

unfortunately, after that we had to say goodbye to our campers but the good part was.. BBAL!!!!!!!!!!! XD 

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