May 22, 2011

zj = naomi
kw = caryn
jw = sammi
yc = crystal
(*ps i didn't edit any of the pics here =] nature is just that beautiful XD)

this morning, i was dreaming that i was in the hall having my mid-year exam (again ==) and my phone was ringing! i took it out and saw that it was mr. R.Chin and he was asking me to help him buy a mcdonalds set meal so that he could have the free pink cup XD so i just hanged up, but he kept calling!

BUT IN REALITY my phone WAS actually ringing and i was constantly rejecting the call!! it was kw and when i answered it she said:

kw: wei, where are you? we're here outside your house d~

i was like SHIIIIT!!!!! i totally overslept!! we're supposed to for mountain climbing co exams were over and i totally OVERSLEPT!! XD so i asked them to wait for a while and i rushed as fast as i could~ when we were on our way to the mountain (in Menglembu) my hair was totally wet ==
when we got to the mountain, yc was like (dare i say it) an AUNTY scolding us:

yc: y r u all so late???!!! i've been waiting here for so long by myself and there was an aunty and uncle staring at me d!!!!

zj: neh!! eros was so late, he OVERSLEPT etc etc~

then we started our climb =] btw kw's tuition teacher, mr. khoo, was also with us~ 

when we saw the water, we continued walking. by that time we were already panting coz we'd been walking for some time now and it was quite steep. after we rested on a big stone by the creek, mr khoo said that up till that point it was only a WARM UP O.O omg we were like WHAT?? (except for yc who had been there b4)

so we set off again on PERILOUS climb and YES it got harder, YES it got steeper and YES we got freaking tired and thirsty~ our legs ACHED but we couldn't sit, giant ANTS roamed the forest ground, yc spotted a SNAKE, i vomited at 3 TIMES and after about almost an hour we only covered 3/8 of our goal according to mr. khoo~ we were like WHAT???!! (again) and we found out that our climb was actually 5 DAMN KILOMETERS == and we weren't even half way~ yc reached the top 1st and all of us (except mr khoo) almost literally CRAWLED after her~ haiz~ but it was a good experience, and the walk on the trail leading back down was FUN ><

when we got  back to mr. khoo's car, we drank our water (which we decided to leave there earlier) and headed for town~ mr. khoo treated us all to a buffet lunch ^^ we ate 8 cups of jelly, 2 soya bean jellies, 5 cans of pepsi, 3 cups of orange juice, 1 can of 100plus, 2 bowls of ice-cream, 10 plates of food (which we reused and reused and REUSED XD), 3 saucers of snacks and 6 plates of food ^^

after that we headed to kw's house, though yc had to leave ='( we played and there was DRAMA about my OVER REACTIVE, supposed-to-be "father" == jealous, dumb and clueless much~ but other than that we had fun =]

after kw's house i headed for Jusco because my family was there~ i had buttered corn and iced coffee ^^ and AFTER that i headed to popular to read. i was so engrossed in reading a book that i didn't notice that my sibs had already left Popular ><~

dinner was next, which was Japanese food in A LAI I, a japanese resto just behind Jusco~ i was talking to my sibs when my dad asked me to lower my voice, which was understandable, but when i went to take a piece of breading that fell off my bro's tempura and they said that i was greedy, eating my bro' only meal, i was like URGH == im not greedy~ and that set me on a bad mood for the rest of the dinner~ just when i thought that this perfect day would end with a bang~ haaizz~

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