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February 12, 2011

Imagine Flying and Imagine Flying: Epilogue
XuPeiYu KeYingMei
Gempak Starz
no copyright infringement intended, just for fun =]

pages: Book 1 (157)
           Book 2 (155)

 on the back of the books:

A story about music and dreams.

In a twist of faith, happy-go-lucky Cally Tang meets Hau,
the eccentric pianist, at a time when both of them were
struggling with life. Why does the young and talented Hau
abhor the stage? Why does Cally feel cheated and betrayed?
Their story of hopes and dreams will be unraveled amidst
the soft drifts of melody.


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  1. Where can i read/buy the one with the cover of the girl? I read the first one and it was so addictive.... Now I want to read the second one.... But cannot be found online.... Pls help.


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