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December 22, 2010

urgh!!! i hate this!! i love my cousins in d USA and all, even though we haven't seen each other a lot, but y does my mom need to compare us to them?? my cousin Polo noes hw 2 play d cello and Mikee noes how to sing, and I'M obsolete cuz i don't noe hw 2 play anything but that's just because i wouldn't dare ask her if i can play the flute cuz i noe she's gonna say its expensive and stuff. AND i like Leo Club and saving the earth and stuff but they don't understand me and actually said that i shouldn't be involved too much cuz it wus expensive, but don't they now dat its wat i love doing??? and when my mom mas chatting wif my uncle on the internet she actually said all those hurtful things even though she noes i wus there. mayb she doesn't noe that to me what she's saying is offensive, but it really was. and she said they don't have time to always go on facebook, but what else do i have to do?? they'r the ones who spoiled me and raised me up without a hobby and now they're comparing me to my cousins who excell at music? don't they noe hoe much i've dreamed of doing something in my life that i actually like, not just study, study, study?? and she says it doesn't have to be music, it can in school that we can excell too, but i get good enough grades, what does she expect, that i get full marks in everything? of course sometimes im gonna have marks lower thatn her expectations but y does she have to rub it in?? i really hate her, i love doing what i do now and i wish i could do more, but being in a big family, i noe that we don't have that much money and we have lots of expenses, so i actually try to limit what u buy, but i have needs too and i have things i wanna do in my life too~

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