September 5, 2015
SNSD was recently on Yoo Hui Yeol's Sketchbook and they performed the acoustic/ballad version of Into The New World and yet another wave of feels hit me.

While the Tokyo Dome version, to me, represented them broken, this performance was them already recovered and back on their feet. They were so emotional during their Tokyo Dome performance, with Sunny and Tiffany being so emotional that they cried while crying. In this version they're all on point and to me, this represents that they're moving on.

Sunny's part that she messed up during Tokyo Dome was ON POINT this time. I cannot, Sunny and Sooyoung's voices are so strong this comeback! Yoona nailed Sica's part and YoonYul's voices together hit me hard, Hyoyeon's high note was amazing and TaeTiSeo were just flawless. I could see them emotional, but not a broken emotional. More like a determined, loving emotional.

I'll upload KBS' version once its up :)

Fany also performed Bittersweet & Crazy! Her voice is just asbdshdhabdhjs so sweet!

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