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November 24, 2012
hello everyone :)

its been a long time since i last updated~
its because i really haven't been having the greatest of moods recently~

SMTOWN in SG was last night T^T i almost cried myself to sleep XD
i'm so jealous of the people who went! T^T i was ranting on twitter~

my house's internet's been having some problems too
/throws tables/
its so annoying!! it says im connected but there really isn't any connection!

i'm currently on an internet plan. I COULDN'T TAKE IT. NO ONE TAKES AWAY MY FANFICS! XD

speaking of fanfics, they've been the only thing on my daily agenda @.@ READING FANFICS 24/7. 


LOL they're some of my most recent ff biases.

no fast internet = no shows too T^T i was watching Strong Heart episodes before the internet started going beserk~ now i can't finish that episode with Rain and Kahi on it ==
i went to to the mall yesterday to go album hunting XD i'm looking for In The Wind but i can't find it~ I FOUND SNSD'S GENIE THOUGH! i was like ASDFGHGSHFJFNDJSBF I HAVE TO BUY THAT! 
*ehem and that Hoot album*
*ehehem and that UKISS Stop Girl album*
*ehehehem and that BAP Power album*
*ehehehehem and that B1A4 Let's Fly album*
ehehehehehem...okay my list is endless so i'm just gonna stop here.

and here's my ugly face. its raining now and i turned on the lights just to take this pic. i was reading in the dark ><
BYEEEEEE :) please pray that i'll be able to watch Breaking Dawn part 2 soon!

ps. i love my long hair right now ♥.♥ hence the post title ^^

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