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July 4, 2012
we finally tok our club's Board of Director photo :D it was taken during the first recess and we were all rushing because some of us had their english composition paper right after recess. we wanted to take the picture by the trees in our school field, but since we were rushing, we did it outside our school hall. it XD in the end, we still managed to take 2 decent shots *thank you edmond* but in one of the photos, my small small eyes were closed /.\ LOL

HD photos :D thanks to yuxuan's camera *she's the one in the middle, beside me. she's our club's incoming president!"

we still had 1 period before our composition paper, so yuxuan and i...err...zipai-ed XD


but when i updated my profile pic, i think the image size was to big XD

zhen me yang??! ohh well x)
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