B1A4 - Baby Goodnight + I AM A BANA

June 26, 2012
i've actually listened to this song for some time now, and i LOVED it. B1A4's sound is just...special :) gongchan is messing up my bias list ><

anyways, i just got to watch the MV last week *how slow of me* and the dance was freaking cute! XD

ahahaha x) more .gifs anyone??

okay, these next four are EPIC XD

dancing, dancing, dancing in the moonlight ~ C.NU is effing awesome ♥.♥

when people asked me if i liked B1A4, i told them "yeah, i like their music *smile*" BUT now, i think im becoming a die hard BANA XD C.NU C.NU. C.NU

Be the One, All for One
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