EXO-M @ Yinyuetai [ENGSUBS]

May 5, 2012

EXO-M! ^^ because of this, I AM LOVING THEM MORE THAN EXO-K XD why??

LUHAN is damn lengzai
XIUMIN is damn cute
KRIS is damn tall
CHEN kinda looks like Key
LAY is damn geng
TAO looks tough but then he cried XD

i was like OMOOOOOOOO the whole time i was watching this XD why do they look so damn perfect?

LUHAN kept on playing with his stitch pointer XD

XIUMIN really looks like a bun x) BAOZI!

LAY played the guitar and sang in chinese :D he danced MAMA too, coz he's in charge of dancing

and KRIS, their leader. 188cm tall. i am speechless.

all in all im starting to like EXO-M :D the whole interview was in chinese, but their accent...=,= i couldn't understand anything! good thing for english subs :D


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