haircut :(

March 18, 2012
got a haircut today :( all my long long hair T^T

first thing in the morning, my family and i headed to church. i wore my new japanese shirt and my new skinny jeans XD i looked so SLIM ><

after church, we headed to yik foong's CHILLI branch T^T my hair~ i think i recognized one of the guys there, but i wasn't sure so i didn't say hi O.O the outcome?

eeeeeeeeeeeee!! T^T i think jian dao tai duan le again == wtf. anyhoo, next stop was jusco,and i bought 5 more button badges :D

so now my bag has 9 button badges and 2 keychains on in XD


mini metoo on the right

cute button eyes on the left ^^

plus my LEO CLUB pin XD

gotta try and attempt to do my holiday homework now. HAIZ. == another thing i did today is i fixed my messy table :D

:D i'm gonna miss you, long haired EROS :')

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