February 14, 2012
its here! valentine's day is here! XD

this is my 16th year single XD FOREVER ALONE XD but never mind, who wants a ma fan relationship when you have sot sot friends to spend it with instead? ^^

this year, i spent valentines day giving my friends and my teachers CHOCOLATE that i made myself :D

crushed cooking chocolate (you can't use normal chocolate o.o)
crush it to make it easier to melt :D

prepare these things *dunno what they're called* for each chocolate that
you're gonna make

then, put it a mold and put it in the freezer

i put marshmallows inside the chocolates too :]

voila! after a few minutes in the fridge,it's done!

i even made roses :D you can see the pink marshmallows inside of them~

the finished products!

everybody went crazy over these chocolates in class and outside ^^ glad everyone liked it :D i also got to eat a lot of chocolate and sweets today: cadberry, beryl's, hershey's, chupa chups, hershey's kisses and more :]

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