January 1, 2012

counted down until 12PM again :D had a simple midnight supper with my family :D i was busy the whole day though~ you know why? because i have a new iPod Nano! ^^ 8GB
and its the 5th generation :D

i was busy filling it with songs :D i got it coz my old red Philips mp3 played got spoiled :O my music companion for almost 3 years~

and as i was doing all that, i decided to come up with some new year's resolutions :O

and one of my birthday wishes this year came true! ^^ my  blog's hit 50K pageviews! ^^

^^ another thing special is that this year, 2012, me and my friends are celebrating our 4th year of friendship! XD

^^ go us! XD may we be forever be BFFs! XD 

so in conclusion, i ended 2011 and started 2012 with:

height: 167cm (5.6ft)
weight: 54kg
brain: aching (due to a headache)
money: RM12 (due to overspending for christmas)
listening to: SNSD's Mistake
dancing to: APINK's MY MY
last phone call: YONG YU CHENG (who greeted me HAPPY NY and that she didn't have anything to eat XD)
last sms: my past leo president PHUAH XIN JIE who greeted me happy ny oso
talking to: my bro (about contact lenses XD)
thinking of: school (its just 2 days away!)
reading: Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code
facebook conversation: with TEE KAI HUAN

well, that's just about it, i just wanted to post about my new year, hope you guys had an awesome one too :D

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