24 hours a day.

January 24, 2012
== first thing when i wake up and someone pisses me off == i was eating my lunch when they said "you know, for the WHOLE DAY you didn't do anything but lie down on the bed and go online! one of these days, your back will have a hunchback like an old person!!" == PISSED!!! i wanted to freaking shout 2 thing at them:

== in one day:
12 hours - sleep
1 hour - eat
1.5 hours - taking baths and zilian-ing
1.5 hours - i dance like crazy as a form if exercise
7 hours - online
1 hour - etc

TOTAL = 24 hours
WHY ARE YOU INTERFERING WITH MY HOLIDAY??! in that 7 hours that im online, i only use HALF of it coz for 3.5 hours, im downloading movies and dramas for me and my sibs to watch together!! == what about you??! all day no work, no school, what do you do?? LET ME ENJOY MY 11-DAY BREAK!! ==

ISH!! Everytime i sit, my back is straight, when i walk my back is straight, even my friends say my back is super and unusually prim and proper-lly straight!! If you look at my back with out my shirt, it doesn't have a hunchback, but you know the bone structure they show you on milk commercials on tv?? My back is like that! PERFECT! Everyday i dance and I AM EVEN MORE FLEXIBLE THAT MOST PEOPLE MY AGE and you dare say im gonna have a hunchback??! I am just...OFFENDED!!! == go scold yourself in the mirror if you don't have anyone else to scold!!

HAIZ == she took away the netbook so i can't use it, using my hp now. ANTI!!! What is with her and her endless want to make my holiday miserable??! == Haiz, i took a bath to cool myself down...whew, cool down...==

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