January 19, 2012
GONG XI FA CAI, everyone! ^^ gonna have an 11-day holiday from school (coz its the chinese new year), so i thought about posting about the coming year! the year of the water dragon, also known as the BLACK DRAGON!

this year, Chinese New Year day is on the 23rd of January, and the year of the dragon will arrive on February 4. according to the Chinese 5 element astrology calendar, 2012 is the year of the water dragon. the color of water in that element astrology system is BLACK, so this year's the year of the back dragon :D

the dragon is the symbol of the emperor in CHINA. since the dragon has a mystical color, the chinese regard it as unpredictable, untouchable and that people cannot see its head and tail at the same time

2010 was the year of the WHITE TIGER and 2011 was the year of the WHITE RABBIT. they were both WOOD elements, and i think this year's gonna be the last wood year in the wood cycle. the next year's going to be the FIRE cycle

well that's about all i could find >< short, huh? well, i just found it interesting and ran a search :D hope everybody has a wonderful CNY and gets lots of ang paus! ^^ i've eaten a LOT of mandarin oranges, both in school and at home XD my dad got a BOX of them from work :D

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